Frequently Ask Question

1. What is my benefit from Science Porter Bangladesh?

Answer: You will be updated with recent inventions of Science.

2. What is my benefit if I become a member?

Answer: As a member, you will have the opportunity to work with the changemakers from home and abroad. Moreover, It is very much useful for those people who interested in going abroad for higher study because your dream Institution will want to see what you have done for your community.

3. How much it will cost to become a member?

Answer: You do not have to spend a penny to become a member of science Porter Bangladesh.

4. What about the payment system of SPB?

Answer: As it is a nonprofit organization, you have to voluntarily work for it. You will not get any remuneration for this.

5. I cannot work too much, will I get a chance?

Answer: Any people with interest will get a chance. We will train you if you are very interested.

6. What is the contribution of SPB to our Country or to our community?

Answer: We are trying to take science out from the laboratory to the streets, to the people where it belongs. That's why we are engaging with the peoples at the grassroots level to make them aware of modern innovations to meet the global challenge of Climate change, Green planet, Renewable energy, Sustainable Agriculture, and Public Health. We are educating people to achieve net-zero carbon emission by the second half of the century, A goal set in the Paris Agreement in 2015. 

7. Does only Bangladeshi can work with SPB?

Answer: The people from all over the world who are interested work with us, can work with Science Porter Bangladesh.

8. Can I work temporarily with Science Porter Bangladesh?

Answer: Yes, You can work for any specific event as Campus Ambassador (CA), Volunteer, Campus Coordinator, etc.

9. If I work temporarily or for any specific event, Will I get a certificate for it?

Answer: Yes, You will get a certificate with your designation or work experience.